How I found the perfect pediatrician

I had been searching quite a bit for need pediatrician for my niece.

Sometimes it's not very easy when you search for a good doctor online. I've often found that the reviews are not quite accurate for are often written by disgruntled patients. Understanding a little bit about what patients complain about from working in the medical field so are years, I'm aware of that pretty much anything can set them off. Things as simple as high co-pays or unmet deductibles and send them in a tailspin spewing negative comments about anytime a doctor out there including pediatricians.

Pediatricians probably are among some of the most targeted healthcare providers because when it comes to people and their kids, let's just say people are sensitive.

I was looking for good pediatrician. One with good bedside manners. He or she had also be clinically well-educated and capable of managing my nieces one year old temper.

I checked on health grades and and in the back of my mind I wondered if these guys were just paying for advertising or had some type of premium account in order to get their name out there higher in the ranking.

Insurance companies are not always easy to deal with when it comes to finding the right provider in your area. Sometimes I think they are motivated by saving money so they are probably going to send me to the least costing position/ provider in their network. In other words I'm not sure they really recommend quality. They simply recommend those that are going to save them the most money.

I finally came across Dr. Narahari, and knew immediately… Well almost, that she was the one that I wanted to bring my niece to.

I called my sister and told her we should go check her out.  As expected, first half is friendly and warm.

Dr. Narahari has a strong clinical background and was very capable of handling my niece with care and compassion.

When the little one got fussy, it did not rattle the doctor at all. She seems so comfortable and her emotional stability seem to radiate back to Little grumpy pants.

After finding the perfect pediatrician for my niece, I ended up going on YouTube and researching more information about finding great physicians. I came across this video and thought it would be great to share here.


I hope it helps you the way help me.

Healthcare doesn't have to be daunting. It doesn't have to be nerve-racking.

Just as an aside, sometimes I feel like going to the doctor is such a headache that it makes my illness suddenly seem not so bad.

Nate's Blog: Who am I anyways?

My name is Nate and I am the owner of this pressure washing company.
I have set up this blog to talk about my company, but even more, to talk about solutions for problems that the average homeowner faces.
I would like this to be a helpful and informative blog, not just a place where I tell interesting stories about jobs or clients.
I started this company 20 years ago when I was about the only one around doing pressure washing. There wasn't much competition back then.

Things have totally changed and now there is a pressure washer on every street corner. Most of my competition comes from weekend warriors who go and rent a Home Depot pressure washer, have no insurance, and will do your driveway for 25 bucks.

This kind of competition makes it really hard for people like me whose bread-and-butter is this business. The low-ballers come in and set prices that I can't compete with. Then they do half-assed jobs and leave, knowing the homeowner will never see them again. The customer isn’t happy long-term with the job, but he or she does remember the price of $25.  And that's all they remember.

So I am out to educate and encourage homeowners to look for quality work rather than the lowest price that’s out there.

I understand that for many homeowners, price is the bottom line. That's their reality. They can only afford a half-assed job and that’s just how it has to be.

I'm going for the homeowners that are in a more comfortable income bracket and can afford quality work. My equipment is superior to that of the weekend warrior. I also use solutions and mixes, and I know what to apply to each surface to get the best results.
But this doesn't knowledge and experience doesn’t come for $25. I charge more, and the customer gets more. 

So this blog is an educational blog to help homeowners see the difference between the low-baller and my company.
I hope it helps.

P.S. I’m calling this blog i-knew because my main goal is to educate. I really wanted, but that was taken, so I got i-knew. I knew you’d like to know how I got i-knew.  haha