Nate's Blog: Who am I anyways?

My name is Nate and I am the owner of this pressure washing company.
I have set up this blog to talk about my company, but even more, to talk about solutions for problems that the average homeowner faces.
I would like this to be a helpful and informative blog, not just a place where I tell interesting stories about jobs or clients.
I started this company 20 years ago when I was about the only one around doing pressure washing. There wasn't much competition back then.

Things have totally changed and now there is a pressure washer on every street corner. Most of my competition comes from weekend warriors who go and rent a Home Depot pressure washer, have no insurance, and will do your driveway for 25 bucks.

This kind of competition makes it really hard for people like me whose bread-and-butter is this business. The low-ballers come in and set prices that I can't compete with. Then they do half-assed jobs and leave, knowing the homeowner will never see them again. The customer isn’t happy long-term with the job, but he or she does remember the price of $25.  And that's all they remember.

So I am out to educate and encourage homeowners to look for quality work rather than the lowest price that’s out there.

I understand that for many homeowners, price is the bottom line. That's their reality. They can only afford a half-assed job and that’s just how it has to be.

I'm going for the homeowners that are in a more comfortable income bracket and can afford quality work. My equipment is superior to that of the weekend warrior. I also use solutions and mixes, and I know what to apply to each surface to get the best results.
But this doesn't knowledge and experience doesn’t come for $25. I charge more, and the customer gets more. 

So this blog is an educational blog to help homeowners see the difference between the low-baller and my company.
I hope it helps.

P.S. I’m calling this blog i-knew because my main goal is to educate. I really wanted, but that was taken, so I got i-knew. I knew you’d like to know how I got i-knew.  haha